Monday, May 14, 2012

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Norton Scientific Reviews: Scammers’ Valentine Treat

A global security company issued a scam warning against spam messages with catchy subject lines for Internet users this Valentine’s season.

Users must be extra careful in opening messages in their email accounts especially during the holidays as they can receive spam mails meant to get their attention and steal their personal data.

One such scam warning issued by an antivirus company describes email messages that invites users to buy a gift for his/her loved one for Valentine’s using an attached discount coupon from Groupon.

Even though the proliferation of coupon services is not totally an illegal method, their popularity comes with the risk of being used in phishing attacks.

Phishing can be done by sending a massive amount of email messages asking people to enter their details on a bogus website — one that looks very similar to the popular auction sites, social networking sites and online payment sites. They are designed to obtain personal details like passwords, credit card information, etc.....

Norton Scientific Reviews: Symantec source code leaked by hackers

A group of hackers who call themselves the Lords of  Dharmaraja, (and is associated with Anonymous) have published the source code of Symantec, a digital security firm know for the Norton antivirus program and pcAnywhere, raising concerns that others could exploit the security holes and try to control the users computer.

The release of the source code came after the ‘extortion’ attempt failed as Symantec did not comply with their numerous deadlines.

Negotiations through email messages between a representative of the hacker group, YamaTough, and someone from Symantec were also released online. The exchange of messages are about Symantec’s offer to pay USD 50,000 for the hackers to stop disclosing the source code and announce to the public that the whole Symantec hack was a fake, which made them a subject of mockery for appearing to buy protection.

Both sides admitted that their participation was just a trick......

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