Thursday, April 12, 2012

School Report 2012 News Day

Prime Minister, David Cameron, and School Reporters gather around the table in The Cabinet Room, to discuss gang-crime, unemployment and Angry Birds

0800: Good morning everyone and welcome to the day everyone's been waiting for: News Day is here and we're all ready to go here at School Report HQ.
More than 1000 schools across the UK and 30,000 School Reporters are taking part today and this is where you can follow what they're up to!
0807: It's barely gone eight o'clock and School Report has already been on the airwaves several times this morning, with the first report about an egg-selling schoolgirl from Sidford School in Oxfordshire featuring on Farming Today.
0814: BBC Breakfast business presenter Stephanie McGovern is at Oakfield Community College in Middlesbrough, reporting on budding entrepreneurs involved in recycling and the development of a computer application that helps students revise.
0824: As you should be able to see on the right-hand side of the page - the video stream is up and running. We're kicking off with some highlights of the year so far before we go live from our studio in Salford at 0900!
At 1015 we'll go to our radio studio until 1400 - coincidently the big deadline everyone is working towards today - with our Millbank studio taking th reins until 1600. So stay tuned!
0830: "From the daily sport, to the historic politics, we cover everything, and it requires a lot of work. We are especially proud to put our names on each and every piece of work," says a teacher from Rutlish School in Merton. Dominic, a student taking part says: "It is an amazing experience because of all the opportunities it presents."
0835: The team at Tarporley High School in Cheshire will give us a behind-the-scenes experience as they interview Olympic torchbearers from their school and give a report on body image with a plus-size model as a guest. They'll also be exploring what it's like to work in television with CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell.
0847: Arnold Academy in Bedfordshire are reporting on the departure of their long seriving headmistress and scrutinising the prospective candidates hoping to replace her. Sounds interesting!
0848: Chipping Campden School in Gloucester are gearing up for the 400th local Dover's games as well as reporting on the Chipping Campden Literature Festival.
0853: Ashfield School in Nottingham are interviewing a local Olympic hopeful and reporting on Sports Relief fundraising activities as well as introducing the local community to their new members of staff.
0854: The Sir John Gleed School in Spalding have been reporting on the closing of a wildlife sanctuary, hit by the recession after 25 years. Students have also been talking to one of the last surviving victims of the holocaust about the experience, and to one of their teachers who has been given a place on the National Space Centre team.
0855: Queen Elizabeth's School in Lincolnshire have been preparing their stories for the news day on a wide range of topics including carbon neutral schools and their local traveller community. The students have also been investigating the real cost of free range eggs and why so many students choose to leave the area after finishing sixth form or college. We're also looking forward to their report on travel difficulties experienced by the county orchestra as they make their way across the rural landscape.
0855: Wickham School and Sports College have been busy preparing reports about events in their local area such as a Zumbathon World Record attempt! Students have also been producing a podcast dedicated to PC Rathband who recently passed away, "the podcast will focus on the positive relationship the school had with Mr Rathband and how he inspired students during his visits over the last year" says Learning Co-ordinator Aaron Day.
0856: Adams' Grammar School in Newport have interviewed a student who plays football for England U16s - could he be the next Beckham?! The students have also been reporting on changes in their local area such as a new high speed rail link and Jaguar Land Rover plant which could change the landscape, as well as asking council leaders what they are doing to help local shops struggling to survive.
0856: Sixth formers at De Aston School in Lincolnshire are holding a Masterchef competition which students will be reporting from live throughout News Day. Keep an eye out for their interview with a local Paralympic athlete as well as other breaking-news stories!
Students at Mayville High School in Southsea have planned a 30-minute programme for today's News Day, jam-packed with Olympic and Paralympic news and interviews, reports on the issue of racism in football, the travelling culture behind funfairs, and how the school celebrated International Women's Day, all topped off with a ukulele playing vicar collaborating with the school's singing star!
0901: Abraham Darby Academy in Telford will be giving their local community a sneak peak at their new academy building and leisure centre whilst questioning the manager and local people about what they think will be brought to the community.
0901: Malbank School and Sixth Form Centre in Cheshire have the whole community on board! They've invited their local radio station, councillors and local people to take part in their News Day.
0902: The team at Heathfield School in Middlesex are investigating the art of tattoos and piercings as well as questioning what the increase in tuition fees will mean for young people planning where to go for University.
0902: One student at The Harefield Academy has been telling the reporters about their chance to compete at the Olympics this summer. As well as this, students have been reporting on the opening of a new boarding house at their Academy.
0919: School Reporters from Thornton Grammar School in Bradford have already started shooting their piece about make-up in schools.
0926: Twickenham Academy have made a 10-minute radio news bulletin for BBC News School Report covering subjects such as mobile phones in school, changes in teaching practices, fashion, lost property and sport.
0927: There's great excitement and a real buzz in the air at Theale Green Community School in West Berkshire, as the School Reporters collect their press passes.
0928: Filming begins at Theale Green Community School as a local MP is put on the spot over university tuition fees.
0940: Walton High in Milton Keynes are off to a busy start, covering stories about job cuts, sport relief and local football team MK Dons.
0943: Students from Tarporley High and Bury Grammar Boys School on School Report Live, have been speaking to plus-size model Jenna Herlingshaw and Cbeebies Presenter Cerrie Burnell. Jenna told students that plus-size models have opened up the fashion world and thinks that they are making a difference.
0946: Here's the Prime Minister David Cameron and some School Reporters gathered around the table in the Cabinet Room in Downing Street. They discussed gang-crime, unemployment and Angry Birds.

0947: Students from Waldegrave School for Girls in Richmond upon Thames are picking last-minute stories that have made the headlines overnight. Scarlet and Amelia are also going to interview one lucky pupil who went to the Hunger Games film premiere last night.
0953: More on that body image story we saw on School Report Live earlier: Cbeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell, who spoke to students from Flixton Girls School and Bury Grammar Boys School, suggested young people should be confident in their own skins. Everyone has their own insecurities and the more we learn to accept our differences things can get better, she added.
1011: Students from Flixton Girls School and Bury Grammar Boys School, appearing on School Report Live, have been putting questions to ex-footballer Robbie Savage. Asked about the Premier League, Robbie thinks that Manchester United might have the edge over their rivals Manchester City for the remainder of this season.
1013: School Reporters at Woodhey High School, Bury, have been investigating the different sports in which children are involved in the forthcoming London Olympic Games. One pupil is interviewing international gymnast Theo Seager.
1016: Remember that School Report isn't just on television and online - it's on the radio too. Everyone in St Marylebone CE School in Westminster is preparing audio for their radio reports today. The reporters are all quite calm and are working on stories on the future of technology for teenagers, girl guides, the Cultural Olympiad, International Women's Day and the possibility of the end of the world in 281 days!

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